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PDPT for you and me: Creating packaging for expedited partner services

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Psst, wanna take some extra drugs home to your partner? That’s the premise behind an increasingly common healthcare practice supported by the CDC. In patient-delivered partner therapy, health care providers offer extra prescription medicine to patients so that the patients can take some home to treat their sexual partners. The patient is cured; the partner is cured. Its a win-win situation, but what should the package look like that you take home to your partner and what should it say?

That’s the goal of an ongoing project to develop packaging and educational materials to support PDPT among providers, patients, and partners.

In preliminary efforts, AEI formatively developed and evaluated an integrated packaging system. As reported in a recent edition of the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections, the { read more }

Congratulations, You’ve Got Chlamydia! Would You Treat Your Partner?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Most people in the United States say they would take additional prescription medicine to their partner if they themselves were diagnosed with an STI and treated. So called Patient-delivered partner therapy (PDPT) is an up and coming healthcare practice meant to decrease the prevalence of Chlamydia and reducing rates of reinfection.

AEI recently conducted a research study to understand whether healthcare consumers would be willing to either give extra prescription medication to their partners or to take such medication if a partner offered it to them. The researchers also sought to identify things that influence willingness to participate.

The results of the study were recently published by AEI researcher Richard Goldsworthy and frequent AEI collaborator J. Dennis Fortenberry, from the Indiana University School of { read more }